Mental Health Month: Professor Peter Kinderman to host community seminar

A MENTAL health community seminar is being held at Bathurst Hospital this week with the public invited to attend.

UK University of Liverpool Professor of Clinical Psychology Peter Kinderman, author of A Prescription for Psychiatry, is the host.

Professor Kinderman will be sharing his thoughts on how people should think about mental health.

“Instead of thinking about diagnosing and treating abnormality, we should replace diagnoses with straightforward descriptions of our problems, and concentrate on psychological and social solutions,” he said.

“Mental health problems are fundamentally social and psychological issues – the products of how we understand and respond to the world.

“It’s about creating a community discussion around the important topic of mental health service delivery and different ways of looking at mental health issues, alternate paradigms and how we work together to create solutions and share the journey.” 

The free session is on 6-8pm on Thursday in the heritage building.