Odd Mob’s Harry Hope to play at Bathurst’s DK Pool Club

HARRY Hope – one half of the electronic dance music duo Odd Mob – kicks off his “No Pressure” national tour in Bathurst on Wednesday night at the DK Pool Club.

Fans can expect fun, upbeat, feel-good music by the Brisban-based artist who has never played a set in Bathurst.

“I am very keen to be in Bathurst. I’m a bit nervous, but it should be fun,” Harry said.

Fans of the artist can expect the unexpected when it comes to his shows because he never plans his sets beforehand.

“I don’t like to pre-plan my sets because you never know what the crowd is like, so if they are into my heavy stuff then that’s what I’ll go with, but if they are more into Is It A Banger? [an Odd Mob track] then that’s what I’ll play,” he said.

After spending seven weeks in the top spot on the ARIA club charts with Odd Mob’s “Into You”, Harry shows no signs of slowing down, recently debuting his first solo record “No Pressure”.

After gaining the contacts for Irish group Super Silly, Harry sent them an email to work on some music together.

“I just knew we had something when I heard some of the stems, and that there was a lot of potential for a really great song,” Harry said. 

Harry writes and produces all his music but when it comes to singing he leaves it to the professionals.

“I wish I had the voice of an angel but I just don’t,” Harry laughs.

He also recently found time to drop a remix of Lordes’ hit “Perfect Places” – at the urging of his girlfriend.

Harry was about to head overseas when he got the call asking him to do a remix of “Perfect Places” in just three days.

Feeling the pressure, he thought about quitting but his girlfriend slapped him round and told him: “You are going to do this.” So he drank a lot of coffee and got it done.

“It has to be one of my favourite mixes I have probably ever done,” Harry said.

As for what is coming next, Harry will be working on a new single while on tour and trying to work with less recognised Australian artists.

“I want to work with artists who are just cracking onto the scene because we have some amazing talent that is just as good as the more popular artists but can be more exciting because they are willing to take more risks creatively,” Harry said.

Harry wants to continually be dropping new music for the audience at his shows so that he can make the crowd go “what the hell was that?” and leave with the satisfaction of never having heard music like his before.

For full details of his tour dates and where he will be performing you can check out the Odd Mob Facebook page.