Six Snakebite junior boxers will glove up for New South Wales

THE New South Wales league junior boxing team which will take on Tasmania in the Interstate Cup in Hobart this Saturday will have a distinct Bathurst feel.

HEADED TO TASMANIA: Six members of Snakebite Boxing will join fighters from Orange and Dubbo contesting the Interstate Cup.

HEADED TO TASMANIA: Six members of Snakebite Boxing will join fighters from Orange and Dubbo contesting the Interstate Cup.

Six members of the team of nine come from Bathurst’s Snakebite Boxing Club, with siblings Kate and Dayne Fallon, Dylan and Jack Branda plus Clayton and Jai Chatfield headed to Tasmania.

The other fighters in the 10-13 years team come from Orange and Dubbo.

Jamie Fallon, Anna Evans and Nathan Belbin from Snakebite worked hard to raise funds to get the Bathurst juniors to the event, but Fallon feels they deserve the chance.

“It’s a development squad, so they’ve been chosen on their ability. Nathan and I have around – as an estimate of those who come through the door – about 30 juniors. We put forward a couple for selection and these were the one who were selected,” coach Jamie Fallon said.

“It’s cool to have three sets of siblings, it’s unfortunate for the other kids from Snakebite who didn’t get in the team, but there will be more opportunities in the future.”

Bathurst High School students Kate Fallon and Clayton Chatfield are the oldest members of the squad at 13, followed by brothers Dylan (12) and Jack (11) Branda, while Dayne Fallon and Jai Chatfield are both 10.

They will contest three rounds of one minute each, with the state that has the best overall record after nine bouts to be declared the winner.

“Kate is the oldest out of the lot and she was automatically put into the development squad. Under 14s aren’t allowed to fight in New South Wales so she fights interstate and because she had already fought, she was was automatically selected,” Jamie Fallon said.

“She will probably be the last fight, the main one on the night.

“Kate, she has fought before, but she’s still nervous. It’s kind of cool as she is fighting a girl she hasn’t fought before. Kate is the Australian Champion until November 22nd, then she has to defend her title again … so this is fight in Tasmania will be a warm up for her.

“The rest of our Bathurst juniors will all be making their debut. But they have been picked on their ability, their skill and their flexibility and their fitness, so they deserve it.

“We had to keep them running a lot, they have been running Eleven Mile Drive, which is massive for kids of their age.

“The kids are really excited and at the same time I think they are a bit nervous because it’s their first time, but we’ll be ready, we’ll be okay.”

Jamie Fallon said it will also be an experience to remember for himself, Belbin and Evans as well as the parents who are attending.

“It’s going to be overwhelming to have these kids fight,” he said.