Warrant issued in Bathurst Local Court for assault in May

A WARRANT has been issued for a woman to appear before Bathurst Local Court on a destroy or damage property and common assault charge.

Visiting magistrate Miszalski convicted Rebecca Joan Crouch, 33, of Cripps Place, Kelso, and issued a Section 25 (2) warrant for her arrest.

Police facts tendered to the court told how the victim in the matter woke up on May 5 and found Crouch asleep in her lounge room. The victim woke Crouch, said she wasn’t welcome at the property and asked her to leave.

An argument ensued and Crouch kicked a tin garbage bin, damaging it. Crouch began to push the victim down the hallway until the victim managed to get away from her, going outside the house.

Crouch followed the victim outside and punched her in the back of the head three or four times. The victim ran up the street and Crouch followed her. 

The incident was witnessed by construction workers across the road. The victim called the police a short time later.

Crouch was arrested on other matters on June 16 and was issued with a field court attendance notice by police for the assault and for damaging property.