Speedo clicks over to 30 years for salesman Tony Moxon

MILESTONE: Tony Moxon is celebrating 30 years of work with Bathurst Motors. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 100917ctmoxon2
MILESTONE: Tony Moxon is celebrating 30 years of work with Bathurst Motors. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK 100917ctmoxon2

IT’S easy to work a job for 30 years if you love what you're doing. 

That is why car salesman Tony Moxon is showing no signs of slowing down, despite have just reached that milestone in his career with Bathurst Motors. 

Prior to getting into car sales, Tony spent 16 years working in the motorcycle industry before moving on to selling Honda cars. 

He was offered a job with Macquarie Motors, which is now known as Bathurst motors, where he was tasked with selling Hyundai vehicles. 

“It was a good business that sold a lot of cars, a lot of Hyundais,” Tony said. 

When the business was sold, he was given the option of going with Toyota or Hyundai and opted to stay with the brand he had become very familiar with over his career. 

Tony said he felt Hyundai had a bright future in Australia and his prediction has proved correct.

“I always thought that Hyundai was going to become a premier brand … they are now the number three seller in Australia,” he said. 

“The model has improved from a cheap car company to a well-rounded car company.” 

Over the years, Tony has sold thousands of cars and of course has a personal favourite, the Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander. 

“It is just top of the range, flash,” he said. 

The technology within cars and their overall appearance have changed dramatically in the past 30 years, but so has the industry. 

Tony said he has seen car sales and pricing both become very competitive, while the time it takes to travel to purchase a car has reduced, presenting more challenges.

Online shopping has also changed the industry, so a salesperson needs to be on top of their game to convince someone to spend their money locally.

“You’ve got to be competitive [in what you’re offering] and they’ve got to like the person and the company they’re dealing with and the back-up service we offer,” Tony said. 

When he’s not at work selling, Tony’s mind doesn’t stray that far from cars.

He is an avid motor sport fan and loves to watch races whenever he can. 

“We have travelled the country and been to lots of different cities for races,” Tony said.

“I love the excitement of it and the social life that goes along with it, and the travel as well,” 

It will come as no surprise that Tony can always be found at Mount Panorama on the day of the Bathurst 1000, no matter the conditions. 

It is a tradition he has held even longer than his career.

“Traditionally, it used to start very early in the morning, and I’d be up at the mount at 4am,” he said.

“The races have graduated now, so you buy a grandstand ticket and can come and go as you please.”

Bathurst Motors also understands Tony’s love of motor sport, having gifted him with experiences before. 

He has been given a trip to Darwin to watch a race, as well as a trip to Port Douglas two years ago. 

Tony said he would much rather get to go away and enjoy motor sport than receive the traditional workplace gifts, such as watches, and he was glad his colleagues knew that about him.

Although he has clocked up 30 years with the company, he definitely doesn’t see his time ending in the near future. 

“I love Bathurst and have great people working around me,” he said. 

Tony believes having a good colleagues is an asset in car sales and also helps him personally to keep enjoying the job he has. 

And it appears that feeling is quite mutual, as it was one of his colleagues at the company that wanted to highlight Tony’s many years of service to Bathurst Motors and the community through this article.