Letter to the editor

DOUBLE-LINE white markings have recently been painted in the centre of the roadway for the whole length of the Keppel Street shopping area, including the truck loading zone.

I have been tracking down the legal implications.

For those of us who angle-park on the north-eastern side of the street (chemist/fish shop/Carah’s, etc), are we able to drive across those double lines to go back up to the Bentinck Street roundabout?

The answer legally is no.

We should be pulling out and making our way right down to Seymour Street, where the double lines finish, and driving back up to the roundabout.

This is confirmed by both the police and council’s traffic officer.

It is illegal to drive across double lines from angle parking (though in these illogical circumstances, police would probably rather turn a blind eye).

By contrast, in Howick Street there are no line markings at all below William Street, despite the line-up of buses to complicate traffic movement.

All of which raises the question, what are the purpose and logic of the new double lines in Keppel Street?

Daryl Taylor