LETTER: This logo’s a no-go, so we should start all over again

ALEX Christian is spot on in his distaste of the latest incarnation of a Bathurst logo (“Councillor leading criticism of $40,000 branding tool”, October 18).

Like Alex, and I suspect most people, the first thing I saw in this banal attempt at design was a real estate agency's logo.

Has Bathurst Regional Council really spent two years, and actually paid someone to come up with what is virtually a copy? Obviously, design flair and creative imagination were not required.

If it was good enough for a worldwide competition to be held for the design of the Sydney Opera House, why could there not have been a competition held here in Bathurst for a new logo?

Rather than pay $40,000 for a bog standard marketing sign, the Bathurst community could well have produced some spectacular results, with a prize offered for the winner.

In my view, that incorporates community input and community spirit, rather than secret deals with marketing companies.

This logo bears no relation to the history, heritage and character of the Bathurst region, and like the McDonald’s golden arches, could be placed anywhere on the planet.

Note to council: must try to do better. This one is a fail.

Elizabeth Chandler, Napoleon Reef