Perthville flood mitigation works delayed | Video, photos, pictures

ON the day the first stage of flood mitigation works were supposed to have been completed, Perthville now has a bridge to nowhere and an unexpected new pool.

The extensive works, to be conducted by Bathurst Regional Council, include a levee, creek improvement works and stormwater flood pumps.

Former mayor Gary Rush said earlier this year the project was expected to cost around $4 million.

Stage one commenced on September 18 and was expected to take six weeks, but that deadline has come and gone.

Perthville businesses, who have been left with a lack of customers due to road diversions, say they received no notification from council that works would not be completed by the due date.

When asked by the Western Advocate, council engineering services director Darren Sturgiss said there would be an extensive delay for stage one of the project.

“Excavation of the material at the location of the culverts has revealed material of poor quality at the base of the culvert foundation, which required excavation to an additional depth of two metres,” he said.

Excavation of the material at the location of the culverts has revealed material of poor quality at the base of the culvert foundation.

Darren Sturgiss

“This has subsequently allowed for groundwater to flow into the excavation which has in turn created additional delays whilst the water is removed in an appropriate way.”

The southern approach to Perthville Bridge is currently missing and a large pool of water has collected in its place.

Mr Sturgiss said council: “Engaged external consultant engineers for the design and geotechnical investigation of the culvert installation, with this poor quality material not identified as part of the geotechnical investigation”.

He said council was continuing to work with the contractor to have Bridge Street open as soon as possible.

“At this stage an amended detailed works schedule has not been received from the contractor to provide for an exact date as to when this might be, however it is anticipated that this will be likely to be a period of 4-5 weeks, weather dependent,” Mr Sturgiss said.

“The other part of this project, which is the widening and deepening of the Queen Charlottes Vale Creek, is progressing as scheduled.”

In mid 2016, two large-scale floods swept through the Perthville and Georges Plains when the Macquarie River and Queen Charlottes Vale Creek burst their banks a number of times.

State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service crews were called out multiple times to assist residents and businesses.

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