Disqualified driver gets 150 hours community service

A DISQUALIFIED driver caught behind the wheel has been ordered to undertake 150 hours of community service and been disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Jamie Lee Evans, 31, of Logan Street Eglinton, appeared before visiting magistrate Kok on October 23 charged with driving a motor vehicle during a disqualification period, first offence.

Police facts tendered to the court told how on July 12 this year, Evans was seen driving by police, even though his licence was endorsed disqualified.

The court heard how on July 12, the accused drove upon Westbourne Drive. He drove directly past a Bathurst Highway Patrol vehicle with two officers on board who immediately recognised the accused and were aware he was a disqualified driver. 

Police attempted to catch up with the car which they saw increase in speed and turn left into Everden Road. Police were unable to locate the Astra and conducted patrols, locating it abandoned in McGirr Street.

Evans was located on foot on Eglinton Road shortly after. Police introduced themselves and spoke to Evans who made full admissions to driving the Astra and dumping it after he saw police vehicle turning around.