Adam Harvey to headline benefit concert for Jaylene Reynolds

JOINT EFFORT: Adam Harvey (centre) will be joined by Mickey Pye and Abby Smith for a benefit concert for Jaylene Reynolds (top).
JOINT EFFORT: Adam Harvey (centre) will be joined by Mickey Pye and Abby Smith for a benefit concert for Jaylene Reynolds (top).

AN Australian country music star is generously donating his time to help raise money and awareness for a Bathurst girl doing it tough.

Jaylene Reynolds suffers from Multiple-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS), a symptom complex of Lyme Disease and multiple tick borne co-infections. 

Despite living with the condition for 13 years, it was only in October, 2016 that doctors could finally give her a conclusive diagnosis. 

As a result of this MSIDS, the 25-year-old endures issues with her joints, problems with her balance, tremors, severe jaw and mouth pain, fatigue and seizures. 

It is uncertain just how she contracted the bacteria, but it was likely from being bitten by a bug of some sort that carried the bacteria, which got into her blood, tissue and muscle fibres and later her brain.

Ms Reynolds and her mother, Jacqui Monroe, have been trying to raise money that will cover some of the medical costs and help with the next step in her treatment, an overseas trip. 

They contacted country star Adam Harvey in the hopes he would help them, and he was happy to put his name to the cause.

A benefit concert will be held at Bathurst Panthers on November 25, featuring him and Bathurst musicians Mickey Pye and Abby Smith. 

The three musicians will perform as solo acts and perhaps perform something together.

Mr Harvey said he would also be taking requests.

“I will do some of my songs, but what is always good fun is taking requests from the audience,” he said. 

All the proceeds from the night will go to Ms Reynolds. 

Mr Harvey has helped raise money for charity previously, but this cause was one he wanted to get behind as it was a condition people knew very little about. 

“Hopefully down the track I can help raise some more awareness for this as it was something I had never heard of,” he said.

Mickey Pye felt the same, saying it takes events like this to help educate people on a lot of issues. 

“Raising awareness of what happened to her is hopefully going to make it better for the rest of us,” he said. 

Ms Reynolds said she was “absolutely speechless” and “blown away” that all the musicians were choosing to help her. 

“Hopefully with the three of them combined we can get a good crowd there,” she said. 

Tickets for the benefit concert can be purchased from Bathurst Panthers for $40. 

An auction and raffle will also be held on the night to help raise money.

Anyone who can’t attend but wants to help is encouraged to donate to Ms Reynold’s GoFundMe page.

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