Bathurst climate predictions should be on council's website: Jennings

CHANGING CLIMATE: Bathurst is predicted to see a 174 per cent increase in hot and dry days from 2020 to 2039.
CHANGING CLIMATE: Bathurst is predicted to see a 174 per cent increase in hot and dry days from 2020 to 2039.

COUNCILLOR Jess Jennings wants to see climate predictions published on the Bathurst Regional Council website for everyone to see. 

He said the ADAPT NSW website offers this data and council should seek permission to publish relevant sections.

"Along with the information we provide everyone coming to our town when they want to invest in Bathurst or the region, I would like to see the predicted climate data being offered on our website and also a link, potentially, directly to that website where people can look up their own farm or backyard and see what the projections are for the 2020 to 2040 period and for the longer 2060 to 2080 period," he said.

Cr Jennings said it was "pretty clear to date" that all the predictions that have been made are coming true, so the Bathurst region would only be getting hotter and drier.

Current predictions indicate Bathurst will see a 174 per cent increase in very hot days from 2020 go 2039, and a 342 per cent increase by 2060 to 2079.

"Having that information on our website will put people in a better position to know what they're in for and, from a council point of view, we need to be up front with residents and investors," Cr Jennings said.

Cr Jennings’ request comes at a time where Bathurst is struggling to meet its long-term climatology averages. 

October was the first time in months that the city reached its long-term average rainfall, but November is already tracking to fall short. 

As of Friday, only 4.6 millimetres had been recorded for the month, which has a long-term average of 61.2 millimetres. 

Weatherzone meteorologist Tom Hough said between 10mm and 20mm was expected to fall over the next week, but the November outlook wasn’t as positive.

“Past that, I couldn’t really give you an accurate figure for the rest of the month, but in terms of the outlooks, we’re looking at a 40-ish per cent chance of exceeding the average,” he said.