Tuned In | Cult Fiction presenter is drawn to popular culture

Tad Pietrzykowski.
Tad Pietrzykowski.

2MCE presenters are members of your community who volunteer to present a radio service that reflects a diversity of interests.

Our presenters have a strong interest in music and you can hear a great range of different musical styles across the week in our range of programs.

Tad Pietrzykowski presents “Cult Fiction” with Adam Thompson on Friday afternoons from 2pm where they have fun with music from film and television.

But Tad’s interest in popular culture is not restricted to the music he plays for us each week on 2MCE.

It is also expressed through the comics and gothic novels he writes most days at home on his farm outside Oberon.

Tad wrote and illustrated the first graphic novel he released 35 years ago and he still has another 40 stories in mind to write.

The hero of Tad’s comics is The Dark Nebula, a character who is a champion of life and Australia’s version of superman.

These days Tad works with artists to illustrate his writing that he self publishes.

Having worked in radio most of his life, Tad aims to present an entertaining couple of hours each week for you to enjoy on the Friday afternoon wind down. 

Honky tonk

THE honky-tonk wild man Vic Mally is calling all cool cats to tune in on Wednesdays from 6pm for “The Full House” radio show for blues, rockabilly, honky-tonk, swing and all that jazz.

Get lost in sound with Martin Hayes and “Free Association” on Monday evenings from 8pm for rockabilly, 70s rock, great musicals, punk and big band sounds.

The theme of buildings is explored this week on the “Cool Climate Living” program. 

Monica Morse features interviews and discussions about three very different Bathurst buildings – the Bell Tower, the CSU Engineering building and an owner-builder home. 

Tune in on Friday from 11am.

Great company

WHAT else are you doing when you listen to the radio? 

Perhaps you listen to the radio in the car, while you’re gardening or in the shed. 

Whatever you have planned, radio is great company during your day. 

With 2MCE for company, you’ll keep up to date with local news, hear readings from the newspaper during “Talking Newspaper”, enjoy music from local bands, hear interviews with interesting people and find out what events are happening in your community.

Radio is great company.