Church services in Bathurst

Perthville Uniting Church

Sunday, December 3

  • 9.30am with Mr Brian Cowan

For further information, phone Mrs Betty Cowan, 6331 9151.

Bathurst Uniting Church

Sunday, December 3

  • 9.30am Family Worship Holy Communion with Rev Claire Wright

Monday 9.30am Parents and Littlies, 10am and 12noon Bible Study Groups. Tuesday 10am Art Group. Wednesday 7am Wednesday Walkers, 6.30pm Share and Prayer group. Thursday 9.30am Parents and Littlies. Friday 5pm KUCA. For more information call Rev Claire Wright 6331 1306.

C3 Church Bathurst


  • 10am morning tea for 10:30am Service. Kid’s Church programme available. 217 (rear) Howick St, Bathurst. Visit

Cathedral Parish

Monday 5.45pm  Mass, Cathedral Parish Centre

Tuesday 12.30am Mass, Assumption Church

Wednesday 5.45pm Mass, Cathedral Parish Centre  

Thursday 12.30pm Mass, Assumption Church

Friday 5.45pm Mass, Cathedral Cathedral Parish Centre


  • 9am Mass, Assumption Church
  • 9.30am Sacrament of Penance, Assumption
  • 11am Sacrament of Penance, Cathedral
  • 5pm Mass, Cathedral
  • 5pm Mass, Perthville


  • 8am Mass, Assumption Church
  • 10am Mass, Cathedral
  • 6pm Mass, Assumption

Country Mass Times

1st Sunday St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Wattle Flat 9.30am

Bathurst Presbyterian

  • 9am service plus Kids for Christ program for infants and primary aged children.
  • 10.30am service plus Kids for Christ program, and a crèche.
  • 6pm. We are a relaxed gathering welcoming of all ages.

Call Dave Whittingham, 0421 800 472, or email