Parade | Talk about showing all the signs of leadership

BATHURST’S future is in careful, capable and conscientious hands.

It’s a big statement but Parade is happy to stand by it after attending a function at one of the local primary schools this week.

While Parade was there specifically to hear a young relative make a leadership speech, he got to hear the youngster’s class-mates’ speeches as well while he sat up the back in the audience.

And to describe the speeches as accomplished barely does them justice.

One of the students, to Parade’s great surprise, quoted the late American poet and writer Maya Angelou; another quoted American military man Sir Douglas MacArthur.

Various speech-givers explained the essential elements of leadership, but also the requirements it places on those who rise to that position - a surprisingly nuanced view.

It was a real eye-opener for Parade, who doesn’t remember anyone making speeches like that when he was in primary school.

Come to think of it, Parade barely remembers anyone making speeches like that when he was in high school.

Herald turns its gaze to Bathurst

DID Parade’s readers see Bathurst featured prominently in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum arts section last Saturday?

Arts writer John McDonald spent two pages dissecting the exhibition The Unflinching Gaze: Photo Media and the Male Figure, which will end its run at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery on Sunday.

McDonald’s first paragraph set the scene, when he said there had never been a show like this one “in the entire history of Australian regional galleries” - a big statement indeed.

Hot in the city? That all depends

YOU know you’re having a mild spring when temperatures in the late 20s suddenly seem hard to bear.

More than one person this week has remarked to Parade how hot it has been as Bathurst has recorded temperatures like 27 (Tuesday) and 29 degrees (Thursday).

To give that a bit of context, Bathurst’s highest recorded temperature for November is 39 degrees (in 2009).