Vine & Tap, Bathurst to open soon

STEP in off the busy street, walk along the cobblestones, pass by the vines that hang down from the roof and you will enter Bathurst’s newest eatery.

Vine & Tap opens its doors on Tuesday in the courtyard of the Brooke Moore Centre, and it promises to offer diners a true Italian experience.

Owners Trish Marino and Stephen Swart say the business is the result of a long-held dream.

Mrs Marino grew up in an Italian family and knows first-hand how much passion goes into her culture’s food and wine.

While Mr Swart, who is Mrs Marino’s brother-in-law, has long been involved in hospitality and is keen to bring Bathurst its own little piece of Italy.

“It’s an Italian spuntini wine bar, which is Italian for share,” Mrs Marino said.

“It’ll be what everyone expects from an Italian – big family, food on the table and share plates.”

Diners can eat and drink alfresco in the courtyard or take a seat upstairs where photographic scenes from Italy adorn the walls.

Black and white photos, taken by Mrs Marino and her husband Frank during their travels around Italy, feature well known sites as well as historic, treasured family photos.

Food will be Italian with a contemporary twist.

Vine & Tap co-owner Stephen Swart

“Food will be Italian with a contemporary twist,” Mr Swart said. “It won’t be stuffy, it’ll be really relaxed.”

Bathurst wines will be served alongside imported Italian varieties.

And rather than serve big-name Italian beers that “can be found anywhere”, the duo have decided on boutique Italian beer Menabrea.

Vine & Tap is open from midday until late, Tuesday to Sunday this month. Next month it will operate from Wednesday to Sunday.