NSW Rural Fire Service, theft at Eglinton Station

VOLUNTEERS' STATION: Eglinton Rural Fire Station. Photo: FACEBOOK
VOLUNTEERS' STATION: Eglinton Rural Fire Station. Photo: FACEBOOK

THE decorations might not have cost a lot, but Eglinton’s volunteer firefighters say they are disheartened that someone has stolen from their station.

Each year the firefighters bring joy to others with their Santa in the Village visit and by decorating the station. But at 8.46pm on Monday, the station’s CCTV cameras caught someone stealing the carefully-hung festive lights.

Acting Eglinton brigade Captain Matt Nelson said the lights were purchased thanks to donations by the community.

“We got the funds from donations by the community and it’s people’s time and effort to put the lights up and go and buy them,” he said.

A post on Eglinton Rural Fire Brigade’s Facebook page on Thursday said they were “extremely disheartened”.

“It's come to our attention that on Monday evening some lowlife person has stolen a number of sets of solar Christmas lights from the front of Eglinton station,” the post read.

“Christmas lights on our station has been a tradition for many years, and it’s disappointing to see that even a volunteer fire station which works tirelessly for its community aren’t safe from these thieves.

“To those who have stolen from us, know that your actions have been caught on the station’s CCTV.

“If anyone in our community has information regarding the theft please let us know.”