Letter | Logo and tagline are only a small part of the plan

IT’S time! It’s time to get on with the task of building our economy through growing the visitor economy.

It’s time to recognise that Bathurst Regional Council has been forward thinking in having a Destination Management Plan to grow the economy of our region.

It’s time to acknowledge that the logo and tagline are only a minor part of the Bathurst Brand Strategy which has as its key ‘pillars’ for promoting tourism:

  • Heritage.
  • Events.
  • Arts and culture.
  • Food and drink.
  • Live and work.

It’s time for us all to appreciate that a logo and tagline are not a ‘flag’ representing everything that is Bathurst. Nor is it something designed to remind the visitors of Bathurst. It is designed as a distinctive symbol that is used consistently in marketing and promotion and becomes associated with the place.

It’s time to set the record straight – the logo and tagline did not cost $40,000 as widely reported and quoted. The extensive research and the strategy itself, including the logo and tagline, are included in that figure.

It’s time to recognise that there are many small businesses in Bathurst which require increased tourism and longer stays to make their businesses viable in the long term.  

It’s time to unite as a community. People have had their say. It’s up to our councillors to draw a line under the issue so that everyone can get on with the job of promoting and marketing our rich and diverse region.

Fran White, Bathurst