Letters | Thank you for making such a big difference

I WOULD like, through the pages of your newspaper, to pay tribute to two of Bathurst’s wonderful groups.

The first of these is the much-loved St Vincent’s Community Nursing which has served our city so efficiently for over 50 years.

Their staff have been professionally superb, truly caring, friendly and supportive of those in need, day in and day out, most particularly the older and disabled.

We can’t thank them enough for all they have done for so many of us.

The second is Bathurst Community Transport, without whom many, again particularly the older and disabled, would not be able to travel to medical specialists or city hospitals out of town.

These people would also have to suffer inconvenience and often the loneliness of isolation when no longer able to drive themselves.

The Community Transport drivers are all excellent, specially trained, so helpful and very, very kind. They are a volunteer group and so generous with their time.

With the support of these two groups we, even at our age and with significant health problems, are able to remain living in our own home.

We offer them both our heartfelt gratitude.

Helen Baber, Bathurst