Time to reflect on a mixed 12 months on the land

SAINT NICK: To show our readers we truly believe in Santa. Merry Christmas to you all.
SAINT NICK: To show our readers we truly believe in Santa. Merry Christmas to you all.

CONGRATULATIONS to Vicki Wilson at Town and Country Rural Supplies, who is Bathurst’s Citizen of the Year.

Vicki has been involved in the rural and Show Society scene for many years and her business acumen is highly regarded by her clients and peers.

Her country stand is a hallmark attraction at each year’s Royal Bathurst Show.

New arrivals

NEW arrivals of young Bathurst people during recent weeks include:

  • Isabella Bennett’s little sister Charlotte Rose. She is a new daughter for Shane and Lucinda Bennett.
  • Anna and Marcus Schembri’s daughter Elle Josephine arrived safely in late November and I apologise for being late in welcoming the little miss. I hope Santa finds each of these small ladies.

Happy returns

AS 2017 winds down I want to thank the readers of this column and I hope it has been of use to you through the year.

Please enjoy the Christmas season with your friends and family.

Rosemary and I wish you a peaceful happy Christmas and a prosperous healthy New Year.

This column will take a rest for a few weeks and will resume in early 2018 at the editor’s choice.

FIELD OF DREAMS: This crop of Japanese millet was grown without irrigation following the great early summer rain.

FIELD OF DREAMS: This crop of Japanese millet was grown without irrigation following the great early summer rain.

Green fields

THE festive season sees much of our rural sector in a good state with green summer grass and many weeds covering paddocks that were parched and bare just weeks ago.

Sellers of wool, beef and sheep meats have received profitable returns and we hope that these markets will remain strong during 2018.

Green pastures are a rarity in mid-December and Laura sub clover that is flowering well at present is a sight not often seen.

Of course, these conditions may change rapidly in mid summer as much of the green is only native grasses that are renowned for lack of bulky feed.

Please note that as I write (lunchtime Monday) the Norwegian weather site predicts 24mm for Perthville on Christmas afternoon and a further 58mm in the following days. They may be right.

Time to reflect

THE Christmas season is a great time to pause and ponder on the things that really matter to all of us.

Suggestions that have been heard:

  • The time has arrived for Bathurst Regional Council to get on with the construction of the McNab roundabout. What a great start to 2018 this would be.
  • A suggestion of our new logo being a bearded gentleman hugging a big buck kangaroo will now not be required.
  • Would a relocation of our National Motor Racing Museum to the former TAFE building in the CBD be a masterstroke or just a thought bubble?
  • As we pause we should all remember that Christmas is such a special occasion because we are celebrating the birth of Christ all those centuries ago.

Wool market

THE wool market finished the year with a rally with all merino wools gaining around 70 to 90c/kg.

The crossbred wools gained around 40-50c/kg for the 25 and 26 micron and around 20c/kg for the broader types.

The northern market indicator finished the  week on 1841c/kg, up 59c/kg.

It has been a great year for merino wool producers with all micron categories rising around 400c/kg since January. The crossbred wools, however, have not seen the gains of the merinos but now seem to be in an upward trend.

Sales resume the week beginning January 8.

On behalf of TWG Landmark I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.

Mark Horsburgh, TWG Landmark

Laugh lines

  • OUR mate was at the psychiatrist. “Oh, you must help me,” he said. “I have a dreadful recurring nightmare of my mother-in-law hunting me with a man-eating crocodile. Terrifying it is - awful yellow bloodshot eyes, dry scaly skin, ghastly long teeth. And wait ’til I describe the crocodile.”
  • TWO wise rouseabouts found a big city catalogue. “Look at these young women,” said Pete, “and they’re only $75 each. Let’s order one each.”  Several weeks later the boys exchanged their progress and Pete said:  “They must be coming soon. Their dresses arrived through the week.” (Thanks RC.)