Bathurst Regional Council approves Littlebourne subdivision | Photos, pictures

THE number of large, lifestyle blocks to the south-east of the city is booming, with Bathurst Regional Council approving yet another subdivision.

The development application (DA) was for the subdivision of a 8.91 hectare (22 acre) parcel of land known as Littlebourne at 4031 O’Connell Road.

The former pastoral property will now be carved up into 17 lots ranging in size from 4000 square metres (0.4 hectares/0.98 acres) to the largest at 13,400 square metres (1.34 hectares/3.31 acres) which will retain the original homestead from circa 1830.

Two new roads will be constructed within the subdivsion – one leading off Blue Ridge Drive while the other will be an internal no through road.

Primary access to each lot will be from direct frontage to Blue Ridge Drive or the new subdivision roads.

Once the development has been completed no lots are proposed to have access to O’Connell Road.

This latest subdivision adds to one just up the street at the Appledore property at 3991 O’Connell Road which was also approved by council last month.

Appledore is a 20.49 hectare (50.6 acre) property that will now be subdivided into 24 large residential lots of at least 4000 square metres, while a residue lot of 6.8 hectares will be include the existing dwelling and a new road.

HISTORICAL HOMESTEAD: The convict-built Littlebourne was constructed in 1835. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK

HISTORICAL HOMESTEAD: The convict-built Littlebourne was constructed in 1835. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK

The Littlebourne and Appledore subdivisions run along the eastern boundary of Blue Ridge Estate.

The Statement of Environmental Effects report for the Littlebourne subdivision said the subdivision would “facilitate semi-rural lifestyle living opportunities”.

“An increase in population could lead to improved community facilities and services and additional agricultural, recreational and tourist employment opportunities within the LGA [local government area],” the report said.

When the Littlebourne subdivision DA was before council for consideration in June last year, Raine and Horne director Matt Clifton said there was buyer demand for larger, lifestyle blocks around Bathurst.

He said with the average new estate block in town being around 800-900 square metres, he expected these larger, lifestyle lots would be popular with buyers.

“People will want a bit of space for their stuff,” Mr Clifton said.

“I think they’ll be really well received, at the moment there’s nothing quite like it.”