New Year's Eve fairly quiet for Bathurst police

MOST people out and about celebrating New Year’s Eve stayed on their best behaviour. 

Police were out conducting general patrols and were present at Victoria Park for Party in the Park. 

Chifley Local Area Command duty officer Inspector David Abercrombie said police had to respond to very few incidents. 

“It was generally pretty good,” he said.

“I think the police who were at the celebrations in the park had to intervene in a couple of minor scuffles between some teenagers and a few women, but other than that behaviour was good.” 

Any other incidents police were called to had nothing to do with New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

The quiet night followed a relatively calm Christmas weekend for police in Bathurst, who only had to deal with underage patrons in licensed premises and a brawl of about 20 people in Machattie Park.