Letter | Prepare for a loss of trees and change of scenery

BATHURST and Kelso residents should be aware of an imminent change to the local scenery.

On Thursday, December 14, the Western Regional Planning Panel approved the Bathurst Regional Council development application for a subdivision in Kelso for 150 new housing lots.

The DA was recommended to the Western Regional Planning Panel by council, despite written objections from local residents, and a petition from some 180 residents, protesting at the removal of approximately 500 mature trees, which can be seen from parts of Bathurst over six kilometres away.

This number of trees is equal to the removal of all the trees in Machattie Park, the Cenotaph Park, the Macquarie River walk from Rankin Street to Lions Club Drive, both sides of the river, and all the trees in Morse and Peace parks.

The removal of the trees will also rob over 27 species of birds and other wildlife of their habitat, and, by removal of the pine trees, remove any reference to the locality name, Pineview Estate. 

John Eccles