Windradyne Whisperer | Bats, long grass and Mount cracks

OVERGROWN: The verge at the Service NSW site looks like it hasn't been mown for months.
OVERGROWN: The verge at the Service NSW site looks like it hasn't been mown for months.

THE bat haters will be pleased to know that the flying foxes have seemingly moved on, possibly due to falling morning temperatures (it was a fresh nine degrees on Monday morning). 

While most support culling bats, this overlooks the fact that the survivors breed and we are left no better off. 

Better to pray for a cold snap!

Enduring a long wait to see the end of long grass

WHAT’S going on at the Service NSW site on the corner of Bradwardine Road and the Mitchell Highway? 

The verge has not been mown for months.

On one corner we have a $300,000 welcome garden to Bathurst. Likewise, the centre roundabout is well-maintained by council. Yet it appears the new owner of the site (not the NSW Government) has instructed his maintenance staff to not mow the verge, making the opposite corner look disgraceful at the city entranceway. 

I understand this same property owner is being paid handsomely to host the Return and Earn recycling facility. Work that out.

All is well at Mount? That argument has cracks in it

SOME months ago, I raised concerns about the joint surface cracks that appeared in many places around Mount Panorama. 

I received a very confident reply (which I have filed for use on another day) from Bathurst Regional Council advising that "all was good" and not to worry about "normal cracking".

Now, however, I have been advised that the company used to assure quality accreditation of materials used in the resurface has had its accreditation suspended by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). 

Let’s hope that our certification certificates are worth the paper they are written on as I don't see the Federal Government chipping in another $2.5 million for the circuit to be resurfaced if indeed the materials fail.

Thumbs up

THE majority of the bats have seemingly moved on to a warmer city. Good riddance.

Thumbs down

THE property owner of the Service NSW site on Bradwardine Road and the Mitchell Highway not mowing their verge. Looks disgraceful.