Khanacross in Bathurst is testing young drivers’ ability

BATHURST Light Car Club’s Khanacross events are giving the region’s juniors the opportunity to advance their driving skills at a young age.

Khanacross pits drivers over a small course against the clock, often on dirt, in a test of handling and braking skills.

KICKING UP DUST: Izak Berrisford takes a Hyundai Excel for a spin during the most recent Khanacross round. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK

KICKING UP DUST: Izak Berrisford takes a Hyundai Excel for a spin during the most recent Khanacross round. Photo: CHRIS SEABROOK

Among those taking part is Izak Berrisford, 15.

Berrisford said he’s enjoyed the challenge over the past few years.

“We go there once a month or so. I got involved in it through my step dad, and going up there helps you drive better and get your skills ready for the road,” he said.

“In Motokhana and Khanacross you do a set of different courses in a time trial. It’s been great fun.

“I’ve been doing it since I was about 12 and a half years old, so nearly two and a half years now. I feel like I’m getting much better.”

Harrison Field

Harrison Field

Harrison Field, 14, was having a blast steering his Daihatsu Charade around the course recently.

Field also got into the sport from a young age and has loved every minute of it since he first got behind the wheel.

“This will be my third year,” he said.

“Trying to keep the car under control while driving it as fast as you can is what makes it fun.

“We do two runs on one course then they change it up. You do about four or five courses over the day.”

The event has become somewhat of a family affair for Field.

“My dad works as a mechanic at Windsor’s Automotive and Matt Windsor talked him into getting us involved in it. We all signed up together and me and my sister started driving in this at the same time.

“I do a couple of the other events with the Bathurst Light Car Club.

“Since I started to learn how to drive I feel like I’ve gotten a little bit quicker and quicker every time.”

In Sunday’s event Field finished fourth overall while Berrisford was ninth.

Field started his day in great form by topping the time sheets on the opening run of the first course. He was also on fire over the third course where he had the second fastest time.

The race for a podium in Berrisford’s class was intense and he narrowly missed out in fifth spot.

Field and Berrisford finished 1-2 in the junior classification.

Robert Dean (161.81) finished Sunday’s racing with a comfortable overall win, dominating the G-Rear wheel drive specials class.

Alan Paul (173.76) was second overall and Aden Hadley (174.31) won an intense battle for the final podium spot over Field (175.70).

Theo Poteris (187.03) rounded out the top five.