Shrove Tuesday at St Philomena's Catholic Primary School | Video, photos, pictures

TASTY treats at morning tea were on the timetable at St Philomena’s Catholic Primary School for Shrove Tuesday.

The annual event is used as a fundraiser for the school, with all monies paid for a pancake going to Project Compassion.

Principal Louise Davies said the event was always well supported by the students and the school’s Mini Vinnies charity group.

“It helps develop social justice and equity of life among the students,” she said.

“It helps children become aware of the world around them.”

Mini Vinnies member Timothy Capper, 10, said he enjoyed being part of the school’s fundraisers.

“I like all the events you get to be in. You do a lot of stuff at the fete and on special days,” he said.

When asked what the secret was to a great pancake, school captain Isabel Schumacher, 11, said: “Sugar and cream and jam”.

Fellow captain Seth Norris, 11, said icing sugar was the best topping.