Tuned In | Oh, what a chance to introduce the station

SOMETHING SPECIAL: Marcia Bonham presents melodies, memories and the occasional gardening tip on her program.
SOMETHING SPECIAL: Marcia Bonham presents melodies, memories and the occasional gardening tip on her program.

NEXT week is Orientation Week (or O-week as it’s more commonly known) at Charles Sturt University. 

Commencing first year students will travel with their families to Bathurst on the weekend ahead of orientation activities next week. 

During O-week, new students will settle in to their accommodation, orientate themselves with the university campus and Bathurst, meet their lecturers, make new friends and prepare for the start of the teaching session. 

We always look forward to O-week at 2MCE and the opportunity to introduce our community radio station to the new students. 

We’ll host a live broadcast during O-week, on Wednesday, February 21 from 1-2pm.

CSU students Adam Murray and Kaleb Crowhurst from the 2MCE program The People’s Smoko will host the live broadcast from the Ponton Theatre. 

Drink it all in

A NEW program has started on 2MCE, presented by CSU journalism student Mitch Moore. 

It’s called Pre-Drinks With Mitch and starts at 10pm after the popular Saturday Night Jukebox program. 

Mitch plays contemporary pop music aimed at the 18 to 25-year-old audience. 

We hope to have many more new programs starting over the coming weeks as students return to university.

Meet Marcia

MUSIC was only available on vinyl when Marcia Bonham started presenting a program on 2MCE almost 30 years ago. 

Music has always been an important part of Marcia’s life. Growing up, she and her siblings would sing along while their mum played the piano. Marcia later sang in a dance band during the 1940s and in eisteddfods.

Marcia has lived on a property outside Bathurst for 60 years and still works in her garden. She says she can’t weed the garden anymore, but her family call her “Mrs Scissor-hands” because she still likes to do the pruning. 

About one acre of garden is dedicated to native plants. Often you’ll hear Marcia give gardening tips and information about native plants on her Melodies and Memories (where she plays older style music) program from 11am on Tuesday, and next week she’ll be talking about native bees.

Marcia has four children, eight grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. She jokes that she has lots of birthday cards to write. 

Marcia herself celebrates her 91st birthday next month and her family are planning a gathering to help her celebrate. From all of us here at 2MCE, we also wish Marcia a happy birthday for next month.