Charles Bean's granddaughter at Bathurst Library's official opening | Photos, pictures

BATHURST-BORN Australian World War One war correspondent and historian, Charles Bean, has been honoured in the recently-refurbished Bathurst Library.

Officially opened on Wednesday, the library has had a raft of new inclusions, including: carpet, electrical fixtures, shelving and furniture and technology.

Granddaughter of Mr Bean, Anne Carroll, was among those at the official opening and called it a “splendid, welcoming place”.

“Bathurst, where Charles Bean was born, gave him his first formal education,” she told those gathered.

“In recognition of his life’s interest in education, it is fitting that the library, a place of education, honours him with its Memorial Wall.”

Ms Carroll described her grandfather as: “a teacher, barrister, judge’s associate, journalist, war correspondent, historian and founder of the Australian War Memorial”.

She said it was while he was with the troops during World War One that he came up with the idea for a permanent memorial.

“He noticed the troops picking up pieces and he wanted to honour them and to tell their story,” Ms Carroll said.

NSW State librarian Professor John Vallance was also at the opening and said books were just as popular now as they had always been.

He commended the Bathurst Regional Council’s incorporation of technology elements into the library’s design.

“Whatever your age or your social status, the library is always a place you’ll be welcomed,” Prof Vallance said.

More than 100 new members signed up in the first two weeks since the library reopened on January 29.