Driver fined $770 for a string of crash-related offences

A WOMAN who crashed her car into another vehicle and refused to leave her details has been convicted and fined.

Bathurst Court House

Bathurst Court House

Loretta Ahsee, 37, of Rocket Street, Bathurst, was fined a total of $770 by magistrate Michael Allen in Bathurst Local Court.

She was charged with having a licence expired for less than two years - first offence (convicted and fined $330), not giving particulars to another driver (convicted and fined $110), driving behind a vehicle too closely to stop safely (convicted and fined $220) and not giving particulars to police (convicted and fined $110.)

Police facts said the accused was travelling along Bentinck Street on July 19, 2017 when her vehicle hit a white Toyota Camry which was stationary and indicating to turn right into the Family Hotel car park.

When the victim asked Ahsee to exchange details, Ahsee said she didn’t have her licence on her and became abusive when the other driver said she was contacting police.

“If you don’t move out of my [expletive] way, I will run you over,” she told the victim, before driving off.

Police attended a short time later and gave the victim a roadside breath test, which returned a negative result. 

The offending vehicle was registered to a Rocket Street address. Police attended, but found the registered driver was in Sydney at the time of the crash; she told police her friend Loretta Ahsee had been using her car.

Police placed a form of demand on Ahsee, who nominated her daughter as the driver.

On October 12, a form of demand was placed on Ahsee’s daughter, but she told police it was the accused who was driving. She told officers she had received a text message from her mother asking her to take the blame.

Ahsee had texted her daughter: "Nothing is going to happen to u ok if u do say it was u will only get a ticket ok u would be doing me a massive favour if u say it was u plz everything is ok so dont stress ok daught."

The daughter’s boyfriend told police he was in the car with Ahsee when she crashed.