Macquarie River, Bathurst could be a hub for the community: Councillors | Video, photos

SKIPPING stones, fishing, family picnics and maybe even some swimming, Bathurst Regional councillor Bobby Bourke wants to see the Macquarie River be a centre for recreation.

Years ago the Macquarie River, near the Denison Bridge, was a very popular swimming and recreation area and Cr Bourke said it was time the community was able to enjoy it again.

Current works along the river are repairs after a section of the river walkway collapsed during widespread floods around Bathurst in winter, 2016.

But, Cr Bourke said a newly finished beach area that had been created on the opposite bank to the repaired walkway should be expanded to allow the community to better use the river.

“It should be continued to Stephens Lane and then up to the [Denison] Bridge,” he said.

“[In days gone by] it was a good fishing spot, you could enjoy the area, it was an area where people could come for a low-cost for the family.”

Cr Jess Jennings said a similar beach area along the Murrumbidgee River in Wagga Wagga was very popular with its local community and tourists.

“I love the idea of being able to use the river frontage in a much more family friendly way,” he said.

“Our river is currently under utilised.”