Beautiful Austin-Healeys on show in the Bathurst CBD

ARTHUR Wallis added a few miles to his Austin-Healey in driving to Bathurst for a special rally this week.

“It was six days all up,” he said of his journey from Perth to the home of Mount Panorama.

Mr Wallis was one of a number of proud owners showing off their vehicles in front of the Bathurst Courthouse on Wednesday as part of the Austin-Healey National Rally.

Peter Jolly came from Adelaide with his Austin-Healey, which he brought to Australia from Canada and restored 21 years ago.

And what is the appeal of the car, which was manufactured in England between 1953 and 1967?

“The style of them,” Mr Jolly said. “When I was a kid, I always dreamed of having one.”

Gordon and Louise Lynas, who are attending the rally from Sydney, said Bathurst Regional Council had been very supportive of the rally and had made life much easier for the organisers of the event. 

The national rally – which is hosted by a different state Austin-Healey Owners Club each year - will be in Bathurst until this Friday.