The beauty of community radio, all things to all people

IN THE COMMUNITY: 2MCE at a previous Royal Bathurst Show with presenters Jock and Ann Roxborough. Photo: SUPPLIED
IN THE COMMUNITY: 2MCE at a previous Royal Bathurst Show with presenters Jock and Ann Roxborough. Photo: SUPPLIED

I HAVE been following an online discussion thread over the past couple of weeks addressing the question of “What is radio?”.

Respondents have included researchers, practitioners, educators and commentators of radio.

These people are immersed in radio and their diverse range of responses has really struck me, as there doesn’t seem to be one definition of radio they agree upon.

For some, radio is a form of communication that involves a shared experience of human interaction. I agree the radio can be a companion throughout your day.

Others define radio by its capacity to broadcast and its “liveness”. I agree that the liveness of radio can reflect the rhythm of your day.

Another person suggested that radio today is just one source among many available to us for music, news and conversation. I agree there are more content options available now with the rise in popularity of social media, music streaming sites and podcasting.

The radio as an object was discussed and someone even suggested radio is a microphone and indeed the microphone is my favourite tool of the trade.

I then asked a class of radio students the same question and their responses echoed the online discussion. Students identified radio as a form of communication that is engaging because of the human interaction of hosts.

They also recognise radio as a media platform for entertainment purposes and identify music as the preferred content they like to hear on the radio.

While tracking these discussions, I’ve struggled to contribute my own definition of radio.

Words like listening, entertainment, information, communication, conversation and sound all come to mind when I think about radio.

2MCE radio reflects the interests, lifestyles and musical preferences of those who contribute to it.

You won’t hear 2MCE radio anywhere else. Sure, there are hundreds of radio stations around the country but 2MCE radio is unique.

The people and stories you hear on 2MCE are unique to our community. The people who listen to 2MCE identify our presenters, sponsors and guests as part of their community.

So, perhaps in response to the question “What is radio?”, I could add radio is community.

Cheers, Jukebox

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