Biscuit decorating at the Bathurst Show an unlikely highlight for kids

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If you asked most people what they have the most fun with at the Bathurst Show you’d expect to hear ‘rides, animals, exhibits and show bags’.

But for dozens of children at this year’s Royal Bathurst Show, their highlight was an unlikely activity found in the pavilion...decorating biscuits.

Among the giant vegetables, craft and mouth-watering cakes in the pavilion was a table adorned with a variety of lollies, chocolates and icing, where kids could design their own biscuits with the kind of flair and design that would make Maggie Beer proud.

Head Steward of Baking and Preserves at the Bathurst Show, Beth Pratley, who ran the table said the kids absolutely loved decorating their biscuits. It was so popular that they ran out of icing in a little over an hour.

“While it might not compete with rides and show bags, certainly in the pavilion it’s been very popular. Plus, who doesn’t love icing and lollies?” Beth said.

The biscuit decorating table will be at the Royal Bathurst Show on Sunday from 2-4pm.