Windradyne Whisperer | Pushing the envelope

SPECIAL GUEST: Member for Bathurst Paul Toole and NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro at the Royal Bathurst Show on Saturday. Photo: NADINE MORTON
SPECIAL GUEST: Member for Bathurst Paul Toole and NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro at the Royal Bathurst Show on Saturday. Photo: NADINE MORTON

DEPUTY Premier John Barilaro met Dianne and Kent McNab at the Royal Bathurst Show as they continued their campaign to have a roundabout constructed at the Mitre Street intersection. 

In a lighter political moment, the McNabs handed over a brown paper envelope with copies of letters of support from local school P and Fs, plus their own letters to the Minister for Roads.

"There’s no money in it, though," Dianne McNab quipped as she gave the envelope to Mr Barilaro, to laughter all round.

My car was damaged, but not my faith in humanity

A REVERSING car hit my car last week while it was parked in Suttor Street. 

It looked, to a passer-by who witnessed the bingle, that the culprit had inspected the damage and driven away.

(This wasn’t the case, as the very apologetic driver who hit my car came in to see me immediately.)

The Good Samaritan passer-by left me three notes on my windscreen advising they had witnessed the bingle and providing their mobile number. 

Later that evening, the same Good Samaritan posted a picture of my car on the local Crime Watch Facebook page advising that they had seen the alleged villain drive away.

My phone rang hot for 30 minutes as 15 or so friends and customers contacted me to see if the offending driver had come forward. 

So my faith has been restored in humanity and I’ve been given a newfound respect for social media. And my car will be fixed next week – paid in full by the driver’s insurance company.

Major operation is going to be needed on arteries

TALK of a third crossing of the Macquarie River somewhere between Eglinton and the Evans Bridge is curious. 

While I agree that the proposal by Roads and Maritime Services to install traffic lights at the intersection of Gilmour and Hereford streets may not be the answer, neither will a third crossing. 

Shortsighted or bad planning is a continual issue, however, at some point, consideration must be given to making George Street between Durham and Stanley streets four lanes, widening the Gordon Edgell (George Street low level) bridge and possibly raising it above minor flood levels, removing the existing roundabout on George and Stanley streets, closing both approaches on the eastern and western end of Stanley Street at the same time to allow a better flow of traffic across the Macquarie, and making Hereford Street (and Marsden Lane and Gilmour Street) four lanes. 

Arterial roads are just that - an artery. And ours are blocking.

Thumbs up

DEPUTY Premier John Barilaro seeing the funny side of being told that there was “no money” in a brown paper envelope he accepted from Dianne and Kent McNab at the Royal Bathurst Show.

Thumbs down

GUSTY winds creating havoc at the Royal Bathurst Show, which I'm sure deterred a few from attending, especially on Saturday. Despite the wind and the dust, hats off to the largest voluntary community group in Bathurst for putting together a great 150th Bathurst Show.

                                                       - LACHLAN SULLIVAN