Letter | Abundant here and in need of saving there

I WATCHED the program Kangaroo Dundee on Channel 2 recently.

The program showed the environmental man Brolga caring for the orphaned kangaroos Rex, Ruby and Bluie at the Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs.

What a sad situation it is with a man like Brolga working hard as an environmentalist to preserve our native animals and some graziers having kangaroos in such large numbers on their properties as a result of improved pastures and better access to more drinking water in dams put in by graziers.

It would be good to think that they understood and respected each other’s aspirations and were able to maintain a feasible relationship.

On the ABC news recently, the problem of kangaroos to the pinot grape farmers at Canberra was shown.

There is a definite need for a reduction in kangaroo numbers in farming and grazing areas.

Bill Hoolihan, Rydal