Darryl Brohman and the Footy Show visits Bathurst for Small Talk

Bathurst Panthers and Eglinton Eels juniors had a special visitor on Monday, as Darryl Brohman and the NRL Footy Show were in town to shoot for the show’s popular Small Talk segment. 

Brohman and his team spent time with the Panther juniors at Carrington Park, before heading out to the Eels at Eglinton Oval.

The Panthers junior had a chance to go out onto a pristine Carrington Park surface, as they met the former Canterbury Bulldogs and Penrith Panthers forward. 

“The Big Marn met the boys on the field and they did some filming before they did the Small Talk segment,” Panthers junior president Craig Glawson said.

“The boys had a blast. It was a great day for the kids and the school holidays worked perfectly with getting everyone there.

“We were contacted last Thursday, so there wasn’t much notice but almost everyone was there.” 

Eels secretary Peita Polsen said while she wasn’t in the room with the juniors for Small Talk, she could hear the laughter from outside.

“They really enjoyed it and they seemed to have a lot of fun,” she said.

“We’re extremely grateful to be chosen and we really appreciate that we can get our name out there.

“We were awarded $1000 and that will go towards getting new club hoodies.” 

The Panthers juniors are set to appear on the Footy Show on May 3, a day before Penrith Panthers play its NRL match in Bathurst, while a date is to be confirmed for the Eels juniors.