Letter | Look elsewhere to see real congestion

WE do not appreciate how lucky we are in Bathurst to be free of the congestion on the roads the residents of Sydney have to contend with every day (“Another road into the city is the congestion solution”, Letters, April 11).

Kerry Neill suggests another road is needed for residents to drive from Kelso to the centre of Bathurst. 

It is difficult to justify the expense for such a project. I believe the uneven footpaths are a bigger priority than another road into Bathurst.

I feel fortunate to live in Raglan, not only for the peace and quiet and the large house blocks, but because the trip to town is fast with no traffic congestion.

I travel regularly to the western side of Bathurst during morning peak times in 15 minutes or less.

I have witnessed the traffic coming from Kelso over the low level bridge, but really it is not catastrophic having to wait at the traffic lights for a few minutes.

Robyn Lewis, Raglan