Holy Family School celebrates Mother’s Day with a morning tea | Photos

HOLY Family School Kelso takes  Mothers Day seriously.

The school celebrated its third annual Mother’s Day Morning Tea With Mum for mothers, grans and favourite aunts on Thursday.

Students, staff, mums and the special women in the lives of the children gathered for a special assembly to reflect on the importance of mothers before the children and mums had morning tea together in the school courtyard.

“This is about celebrating Mother’s Day and the important women in the lives of the children all within the school community,” school principal Kevin Arrow said.

“This event celebrates the school motto ‘Gathered in Love’ and in recent years has been an outstanding success in the school’s courtyard.

“We provided around 800 morning teas at the school which boasts around 385 students. Some grandmums even travelled from Sydney just to be in the fun of celebrating Mother’s Day with the children.”

Mr Arrow said the Mother’s Day even helped create a strong sense of community within the school.