If Nats are talking roads, there must be an election coming | Letter

ON March 26, Road Minister Melinda Pavey was filmed “jumping for joy” because she had “finally determined” the new Castlereagh corridor. 

She said this would “unlock the potential and the future prosperity of the Central West.” But when questioned in Parliament she admitted that the Government had “not determined”  the Castlereagh corridor.

People living in the Central West have every right to be disappointed at the cynicism of Minister Pavey and the Nationals.

You can tell that an election must be coming up when the Nationals start talking about road projects that they have no intention of ever building.

The Nationals can’t tell the truth about whether the Castlereagh corridor is determined or not. Whether it is greyhound racing, forced council mergers, water theft or the Castlereagh corridor, the Nationals simply can’t be trusted.

Jodi McKay, Shadow Roads Minister