Bathurst drug dealer tells court he was ‘selfish, high, happy’

A MAN who has pleaded guilty to supplying a commercial quantity of drugs will be sentenced in the Bathurst District Court this week.  

Brayden Ian North, 24, now of Sydney, appeared before Judge Lakatos on Monday where he gave evidence as part of sentencing submissions.

North has pleaded guilty to the supply of a prohibited drug (indictable quantity), knowingly dealing with proceeds of crime and supplying a prohibited drug (commercial quantity).

The court heard North was selling the drug ecstasy to people who contacted him via Snapchat and other forms of social media.

North told the court that at the time he was supplying the drug he didn’t take in the seriousness of what he was doing.

The court heard how he has undertaken nine months of rehabilitation at William Booth House which he described as “life changing”. 

When giving evidence, North spoke how he had caused his father great embarrassment and had hurt his family, saying at the time he was “selfish, high, happy and making money”.

The court heard that about two years ago North suffered a drug overdose which scared him enough that he stopped taking drugs. Instead he began selling them because he wanted to to continue socialising with his friends who were “all using”.

North admitted, having overdosed himself, that selling drugs presented a serious risk to the safety of those buying them but admitted he was “too selfish” to think about anyone other than himself.

He said over time the amount he was selling just got bigger and bigger, but because he was used to seeing massive volumes of drugs in Sydney it “didn’t click” that the volume he was selling “was very large at all”.

North said he thought if anything happened it would only affect him, but when he was arrested saw his mother and grandmother on the porch crying as he was being led away.

“I realised it wasn’t just my problem or issue, I was hurting a lot of people.”

North will be sentenced on Wednesday.