Drug dealer sentenced to non parole period of one year and three months

A DRUG dealer who pleaded guilty to the supply of a commercial quantity of ecstasy, supplying cocaine and dealing with the proceeds of crime has been jailed.

Brayden Ian North, 24, was jailed by Judge Lakatos on Wednesday for a non-parole period of one year and three months.

In sentencing North, Judge Lakatos spoke about the “difficult task” of sending a young offender to jail for the first time. He said it was made more difficult because of the steps North has taken towards rehabilitation since his arrest.

Judge Lakatos said he was “under no illusion” that a full-time jail sentence would have little or no rehabilitative effect for North, but  at the end of the day the principles of sentencing were “more than just rehabilitation”, instead citing accountability, adequate punishment, denouncement and general deterrence.

Judge Lakatos said despite North’s honest steps at rehabilitating himself, which included nine months of full-time rehabilitation and volunteering with other addicts two days a week, he “put people in harm’s way and the law requires there is a price to pay”.

North’s counsel, Mr Simpson, put forward submissions to the court for something less than a full-time custodial sentence and made robust arguments and a strong subjective case to support his position. But Judge Lakatos said he couldn’t deal with the matter in any way other than a full-time jail sentence.

He also said he was “under no illusion of the difficulties for the offender in custody”.

North gave evidence on Wednesday, telling the court he had sold ecstasy to friends who contacted him via social media.

He said at the time he was supplying the drug he didn’t take into account the seriousness of what he was doing.

North also told the court how he had suffered an overdose which scared him enough to stop taking drugs for a while. But he started selling drugs bhem because he wanted to continue socialising with his friends who were “all using”.

Judge Lakatos said one of the conundrums of the case was the fact North suffered an overdose in 2015, which brought home what could happen to others. But despite knowing the risks, he sold drugs for financial gain.

The Crown’s submissions argued this was a case where there was no other option than a full-time custodial sentence. Judge Lakatos agreed.

North was jailed for a non-parole period of one year and three months. He will be eligible for parole on  August 14, 2019.