NSW abortion clinic safe access laws pass through state parliament

New laws making it illegal to communicate, film or intimidate a woman near a NSW abortion clinic have been passed by the state's parliament.

The legislation, which was supported by Premier Gladys Berejiklian and a host of government MPs, passed the parliament's lower house late on Thursday night after a marathon debate.

"The intent of the bill is to ensure that women have safe access to those medical centres, so obviously on that principle that's why I'll be supporting the bill," she told reporters.

The laws, which were passed by the state's upper house in May will provide a 150-metre exclusion zone around clinics and make it an offence to film staff and patients without their consent.

Bathurst MP Paul Toole (Nationals) voted to pass the bill, along with Orange MP Phil Donato (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers) who cast his vote after seeking the views of his community through social media.

Dubbo MP Troy Grant (Nationals) voted against the bill while another notable opponent was Minister for Prevention of Domestic Violence Pru Goward, a former sex discrimination commissioner, who said the bill was an attack on freedom of speech.

"My position I know will please no one, but it is the position of my conscience," Ms Goward told a near-empty lower house chamber on Thursday evening.

Minister for Women Tanya Davies also opposed the bill and said it "set a low bar" for what constituted an offence.

"I believe that the bill will be counterproductive to the object of women having choice by denying support and informed choice to vulnerable women when they need it the most," Ms Davies said.

Others argued giving women the freedom to access medical clinics without being harassed was not curtailing free speech.

"We are simply setting boundaries around places where women are undergoing some of the most difficult experiences of their lives," Labor MP Jenny Aitchison told parliament.

Nationals leader and Deputy Premier John Barilaro, who supported the bill, told the house he had attended an abortion clinic with a young woman 27 years ago.

Outside parliament, reproductive rights activists and health professionals joined anti-abortion protesters to voice their opinions earlier in the day.

Marie Stopes Clinic nurse unit manager Kitty Grozdich supports the bill and said she, her staff and patients were often subject to harassment on their way into the clinic.

"There is a woman who is standing about 20 metres from me right now, and last week she told me that I'm going to hell," Ms Grozdich told reporters.

"She says that she prays for me. I don't need her prayers, I just need her to go away."

Australian Associated Press