Parade | Classic cinema songs? That sounds good

WHAT do the songs Tiny Dancer, Sweet Home Alabama and Shake A Tail Feather have in common?

The answer is they are all on celebrated movie soundtracks.

Parade mentions this because he got unreasonably excited on Friday when he found a list of the 50 most memorable movie soundtracks as selected by Double J radio station ahead of the broadcaster counting them down this weekend.

The list was, naturally, a bit skewed to the Double J listenership, but it also contained some soundtracks Parade had forgotten about and some he will never forget (for good reasons, not bad).

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly is there (remember the whistle?), as is The Graduate, Aladdin and Forrest Gump.

But a personal favourite of Parade’s is the soundtrack to crime/comedy film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which comes in at number 10.

Parade bought his copy of that soundtrack at the old Stop n Rock store in William Street many years ago and played it so often that he could have recited the whole thing from heart.

It’s still a firm film favourite in Parade’s family and the source of many very quotable lines.

Hard to see why you’d do that

THIS was a trap for young players.

Parade knows of a recent arrival in the Central Tablelands who travelled to Sydney and back one day this week and made the mistake of coming back over the Blue Mountains well after the sun had gone down (not such a problem in summer, but a bit dangerous in winter).

The traveller told Parade the fog that confronted them was worthy of Charles Dickens’ London. Visibility was down to about 20 centimetres, they reckoned, and they were so fatigued by the feat of concentration required that they had to stop at Lithgow simply to give their exhausted eyes a rest.

Parade travelled through a pea-souper at Hampton, near Oberon, a few years ago that he reckons would give the Blue Mountains’ effort a run for its money. 

That fog was so thick it was close to solid. And the most frightening thing? It was only about 3pm.