Windradyne Whisperer | Think of dollars delivered by a royal occasion

SEALED WITH A KISS: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, pictured on their wedding day, would provide a boost for business if they travelled to Bathurst.
SEALED WITH A KISS: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, pictured on their wedding day, would provide a boost for business if they travelled to Bathurst.

NON-ROYALISTS were quick to express their sentiments of “who cares” about the possible tour of the Central West in October by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following my column last week. 

Whether you are a royalist or a republican, the bottom line is that should the royals make a visit over the sandstone curtain to the Bathurst region, it will be good for business and bring great exposure to Bathurst that no “destination” strategy could possibly ever deliver.

Wait a while to be safe

IT’S been a long time coming, but I hear the reconstructed Proctor Park main oval will be used for the first time next weekend. 

With forecast rain and snow in the next week, though, I suspect council would not be game to allow a brand new surface to be chopped up, so don’t hold your breath.

Better to wait a little longer to make sure the turf has fully taken.

After all, the soccer mob have waited years for this work, so a few more weeks won’t hurt.

Others left in the dark

FOLLOWING on from last week’s column, my sources in other regional centres tell me their cities and towns are, like Bathurst, in the dark with streetlights. 

Is this a management decision made by Essential Energy to minimise costs?

As I said last week, I believe Essential Energy has a customer charter which is not being met.

Double the confusion

I RECENTLY questioned why we were getting double footpaths along Bradwardine Road. 

Most ratepayers are still scratching their heads, too, as no sensible explanation has come forward from the Civic Centre.

Now I hear all the plaques for the Living Legends that currently face the road will soon be dug up to be replaced facing the walkway. 

More wasted dollars!

Our Birdsville Track

THE road surface at the intersection of Howick and George streets appears to be getting worse. 

It’s as rough as the Birdsville Track, one ratepayer told me.

Council found $1 million to co-fund a boardwalk that is not a boardwalk on Mount Panorama, but can’t find the funds to reconstruct this intersection in the centre of the city which has been on the agenda for years (unlike the thought bubble on the mountain). 

I’ve said it before: council needs a specialist road construction section, like many progressive large councils have, to ensure regional roads are of a high standard. 

I wonder what visitors think when they drive around our city? 

Hopefully their roads are as bad as ours so it is same-same!

Thumbs Up

REPUBLICANS pooh-poohing the possible royal tour. Love them or hate them, the royals are good for business.

Thumbs Down

TEN to 15 millimetres of rain in June is welcome, but is a bit late for pasture growth. It does clear the air and lift spirits, but unless we get 80 to 100mm soon over winter, spring will be ordinary too.