Good news on the doorstep: another week in the mysterious series

THE Western Advocate’s doorstep scene-setter has been back at work.

The Advocate reported last week on the unusual “gifts” left overnight on the doorstep of our George Street entrance and our curiosity about who was responsible.

The first, last Tuesday, was a small pile of snow with two signs. The first read, “Isolated snow falls in the Bathurst CBD overnight” and the second, “Or is it a deep frost? You decide!”

For the next, last Thursday, there was a sign saying “Rain causes rock slide”, along with some cute rocks (complete with eyes and feet) playing beside their own little tin foil slippery dip.

And last Friday morning it was “Crop circles discovered at Bathurst” with rings of corn cobs and wheat.

We did wonder, at the end of all that, what the next week would hold.

Well, now we know.

On Monday, we had a mini sand storm on our doorstep and on Tuesday, it was hundreds and thousands confectionery spilling out of a container down the steps. And the sign? It was: “Hundreds and thousands flee captivity.”

Friday’s effort was equally clever: some flying saucers attached to some sticky material.

The accompanying sign, “UFOs caught on tape”, completed the work of whimsy.