Bathurst Winter Festival: The Enchanted Forest | Video

THE Bathurst Winter Festival was once contained to Kings Parade and the streets that border it, but in recent years, the attractions were expanded to Machattie Park.

Over the two-week period of the festival, Machattie Park becomes the Enchanted Forest.

On the major nights, Ignite the Night and Brew and Bite, the Enchanted Forest is a place of fun, magic and wonder.

There are performers throughout the area to entertain, as well as dessert vendors and plenty of props to be used for photo opportunities.

  • VIDEO: Get a taste of what’s in the Enchanted Forest

In 2018, the Enchanted Forest will feature a Spoon Full of Sugar dessert store, performances from Cirkus Surreal and Pure Imagination Performing Arts, musicians in the Garden Bar and illuminations in the Fernery.

Those walking up to the Enchanted Forest from the winter playground in Russell Street will also be able to colour in a big cat mural. 

Ignite the Night runs from 12pm to 9pm on Saturday, July 7.

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