Bathurst Winter Festival: Illuminations brighten the night | Video

A COLOURFUL display was projected onto Bathurst Court House as part of the illuminations at the Bathurst Winter Festival.

This is the third year that ESEM Projects has been engaged by Bathurst Regional Council to create the illuminations for the festival. 

Prior to the festival, director Michael Killalea told the Western Advocate that his company was working to the theme ‘Into the wild’. 

“Last year it was quite an abstract, geometrical, kaleidoscopic affair, and this year we’re going for the big themes; we’re look at the genesis of life,” Mr Killalea said.

“It’s a heavily stylised animation piece, that runs on the outside of the building, that goes from amoebas basically through to the larger primates and humans, all in a seven-minute loop with a fantastic soundtrack composed by Gary Sinclair.”

The illuminations were formally unveiled at Ignite the Night on Saturday, July 7.

They will continue to play nightly for the next fortnight, coming on at dusk. 

  • VIDEO:See a snippet of the illuminations on Bathurst Court House.

In addition to the court house, ESEM has created illuminations for Court House Lane, the Fernery, Machattie Park and the Cathedral of St Michael and St John.

Adding to the illuminations in Machattie Park is a tunnel of light, which people can walk through and take photos in.

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