Assault charge for man after incident at Bathurst hotel

A MAN who refused to leave the Family Hotel and assaulted police as they tried to arrest him has been convicted, put on a bond and fined in excess of $3000.

Steven James Bogie, 30, of Howells Road, Abernethy, appeared before magistrate Seagrave in Bathurst Local Court on Monday charged with failing to leave a premises, assaulting police, resisting police, intimidating police and failing to comply with directions.

It followed an incident on May 9 this year. 

The court heard the accused works for a contracting company in Bathurst and was in the city for work reasons.

He was drinking at the Family Hotel and, due to his level of intoxication, was asked to leave the bar area and retire to his room upstairs in the hotel, according to the police facts.

He refused and became argumentative, so police were called. But he told officers they couldn’t make him go anywhere.

Bogie refused repeated requests to leave the hotel and one officer, due to Bogie’s aggression, feared a violent confrontation, so drew her OC spray.

The police facts said the accused appeared to comply for a short time, but, once outside the hotel, tried to walk back in. One of the officers tried to stop him.

According to the police facts, he said to her: “[expletive] off, you are a woman. What the [expletive] do you think you’re going to do?”

The police facts said he tried to enter the hotel again and, when police took hold of him, he thrust violently to avoid arrest.

Police used OC spray on Bogie and he was arrested, but not before he struck out at the female officer, hitting her knee and left leg.

Bogie also threatened to kill one officer’s family.

For failing to leave the hotel, he was fined $1500. For assaulting police, he was fined $800 and put on an 18-month bond.

For resisting police, he was convicted and put on a Section 9 bond for 18 months. For failing to comply with directions, he was convicted under Section 10A, and for intimidating a police officer, he was fined $750 and placed on a bond for 18 months.