Western Advocate doorstep gifts: week three | Photos

IT’S been another week of unusual gifts left on the George Street doorstep of the Western Advocate office.

A mystery person has been leaving three whimsical scenes on our doorstep a week for the past three weeks while evading detection or any unmasking.

The scenes began with a pile of ice and, since then, we’ve had crop circles, a rock slide and a sand storm, among others.

As well as being creative, our doorstep visitor also has a finely tuned wit.

One of our visitor’s best scenes of the last three weeks was some hundreds and thousands confectionery spilling out of a container.

The accompanying sign said: “Hundreds and thousands flee captivity.”

The most recent scene left for us, which is a variation on a previous effort with some fruit bats, even advertises the Western Advocate’s Facebook page – which is certainly a nice touch.

We still don’t know who our mystery person is, but we’re certainly enjoying the ride.