Mount Panorama's second circuit design tender set to be awarded

BATHURST Regional Council is set to appoint a designer for Mount Panorama’s second circuit next week. 

An item included in confidential committee for Wednesday’s ordinary meeting is the tender for design and documentation of the second circuit.

Councillor Warren Aubin said it was an exciting milestone for the project, which has been slowly progressing in recent years. 

“It’s a major step forward to progressing the second track further and absolutely an exciting time,” he said.

“We are getting to a point where we will appoint a designer for the track.” 

Cr Aubin confirmed that a design tender will be selected from one of three companies, Apex Circuit Design (UK based), Dromo (Italy) and Integrated Event Delivery Management (Australia).

It is understood that a reference group, made up of council staff and highly knowledgeable experts from outside of council, has reviewed the design tenders and nominated the most suitable one for approval. 

Councillors are unlikely to challenge the recommendation from the experts and would therefore vote to award the tender to the one nominated by the group.

Cr Aubin said it is crucial the best design is chosen. 

“We will get the right track,” he said. “We have to get it right the first time.” 

Council called for expressions of interest in April, 2017 from companies that had the capacity to design the second circuit.

At the time, five were received, with a shortlist of three later determined. 

In an announcement in March this year, council said the second circuit would be of an international standard with associated infrastructure.

“It will be situated adjacent to the existing facilities at Mount Panorama and capable of hosting a variety of motor vehicle and motorcycle events with capacity of 50,000 spectators,” the tender announcement stated.

“The precinct will be a home to commercial and industrial infrastructure.”

The new circuit will be located to the western side of McPhillamy and Reid parks, and below the ridge where the existing clay target club is located.

Cr Aubin said that once a company has been awarded the tender, the process of building the track can move much faster. 

The Velocity Park project for Mount Panorama is slated to cost $52.4 million.

Already, $35m has been pledged to the project, including $15m from the NSW Government, and $10m each from the Federal Government and Bathurst Regional Council.