Western Advocate doorstep gifts: week five | Photos

WELL, we’ve been told.

The Western Advocate’s mysterious doorstep gift-giver left another three scenes for us to find this week, but one had a pointed message.

In the Advocate’s story last week, we said some of our previous gifts had featured sand, crop circles and flying saucers.

Our gift-giver penned their own retraction on our behalf this week, pointing out that the space-themed scene in question featured UFOs (they were “caught” on tape of the sticky kind), rather than flying saucers.

And just to make the point clear, our gift-giver showed us what flying saucers really look like.

Our other two scenes this week were the crime-themed “a salt and battery on our doorstep (battery charged)” and a nod to the city’s Star Wars fans with “Rebel bass under a tack”.

The first mysterious gift, a snow scene, was left on the Advocate’s doorstep on June 26.

Since that initial surprise, we’ve had a variety of scenes left at our George Street entrance.